People have said the following about working with me:

“My coaching sessions with Amanda have been incredibly impactful. She has a uniquely affirming, insightful and calm approach that helped me identify tools to work with, to enhance my life in the ways I wanted. She is an amazing listener, and her questions helped me increase my self-awareness. Through her sessions, and practices such as journalling, meditations, artwork and connecting the mind and body, I have grown in confidence, clarity of thought and am less prone to periods of self-doubt. Sessions with Amanda would be highly valuable to anyone seeking to understand themselves better, where they want to be, and increasing their capacity to live how they want to live.”  HP, London


“Working with Amanda has been both life-changing and life-affirming.

I came to her seeking a new career direction, but quickly established in a few sessions that I only needed a shift in perspective to gain love for what I am doing, which in turn generated a new passion and proactiveness that gives me a much stronger sense of purpose and satisfaction.  My managers have commented that I am more confident and proactive at work.

Amanda is kind, warm, empathetic and intuitive. Her approach with me was holistic, inviting connections between different areas of my life in order to ‘integrate’ them and  establish my sense of self and my purpose.  Through her questions and comments I made several new insights which have really helped me understand myself better and given me alternative actions to try in the future.  She also shared thought-provoking reading material which I still refer to.

I can’t recommend working with her enough!”  JS, Oxford


“Our first 2 sessions have been so successful – I’ve been enjoying some genuinely free time for the first time in ages!”  LH, Oxford


“My coaching experience with Amanda was potent and deeply transformative.

Amanda built rapport with me through active listening, tuning in to a mixture of needs jostling for attention and sifting through them deftly.  Trust was offered both ways with mutual respect naturally emerging as the process of coaching unfolded.

Sessions consisted of open space for simply allowing ideas and emotions to be expressed as well as focused work on specific goals.  I was encouraged in between sessions to experiment with new practices using journaling, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

I would recommend Amanda to anyone who is ready and willing to meet more of themselves!”  BM, Oxfordshire


“I followed a series of coaching sessions with Amanda to work on my confidence and managing anxiety.  Through the sessions we explored different tools and exercises to use when feeling the pressure or in stressful situations.

The sessions spent on connecting physical feelings with the way I feel mentally have been particularly revealing.  Amanda has set me on a journey, which is rewarding me with a much greater awareness of myself, and my reactions in challenging situations.

I feel I have a better understanding of how I relate to others, and in general I’m in a steadier calmer place, able to step back and take more perspective.  My husband has noticed the difference too.”  CW, Oxford.