What to expect in Coaching with Amanda

Much of the time, our lives can run along well-worn tracks which carry us relatively smoothly through the world.  Inevitably, however, at some point the tracks run out or a kink occurs which throws or halts us.  I work alongside individuals at times of these ‘openings’, these interruptions to the status quo.  Examples are: work-life balance; next step / career progression; relationship issues and purpose / vision.

An interruption may occur in one area of life.  You may notice, however, that life and work don’t divide neatly into tidy, separate areas.  With this in mind Integral Development Coaching includes as much of you as possible.  If you’ve had coaching before you may find this approach different.  It aims to produce outcomes which are lasting and powerful across different areas of life.

You can probably best think about the purpose of this type of coaching as an opportunity for your development, in which the range of actions available to you expands.

What happens in Integral Development Coaching?

The coaching programme as a whole typically takes place over a number of months because sustainable change and learning take time.  We meet (for approx. 90 mins) a couple of times a month on average as it takes on-going, attentive support for development to take root.

We begin with an intake conversation (90 mins to 2 hours).  We’ll talk in depth about you, your current situation, what you make of it, and about the topic you’d like coaching to focus on.

I then use all of this rich insight to design an individual development programme which runs alongside regular coaching conversations.  It includes:

Self-reflection exercises to support you in increasing your awareness of the ways you operate in the world – and the actions and the limitations that these bring;

Practices of taking repeated action with the intention of supporting you in developing new competence and the ability to take new action;

Reading – I may recommend a book / some text to help illuminate your situation.

The coaching relationship and programme aims to support you in developing greater competence, skill and creativity to address future challenges and opportunities.  We’ll work on excellence in the skills needed to address your coaching topic along with your capacity to be both self-correcting (able to tell what’s happening and where this differs from your intentions) and self-generating (able to continue to develop once this chapter of coaching has concluded).

Short-Term Coaching

Sometimes we know exactly where we want to go, with some idea about what we might need.  Short-term coaching, over one to four sessions, can help with exploring a specific goal, the steps towards bringing it into being and the obstacles which may appear as you take them.

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