What is Embodied Coaching?

Most approaches to change don’t stick.  They seem powerful. They create insights that open things up. They give us exciting new ideas. They change our perspective on things. They promise much.

And then sooner or later, the impact fades and we find ourselves once again coming up against the same old problems, with the same old outcomes.

Change is hard to sustain.  Unless you know how to change more than someone’s mind.  Transformation—the deep change every coach seeks for their clients—can only happen when we work with the whole person.

Embodied Coaching is a process that works not just with the mind. Or just the body. Or just achieving goals. Or just processing emotions. Embodied Coaching connects and works with the person’s thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body – and in so doing, creates lasting change.

This innovative somatic (of the body) coaching approach was originally developed by pioneer Richard Strozzi-Heckler during decades of practice and exploration.  It incorporates new discoveries in neuroscience, trauma-work, and leadership development.

Embodied Coaching:

– helps clients feel whole and centred, connecting them to their own intrinsic power and passion

– recognises conditioned patterns as they arise, giving the opportunity to break stubborn and unhelpful habits

– uses body practices to embed the client’s changes holistically and sustainably, giving them a whole new way of being.