About me

IMG_1649Coaching allows me to be honestly, firmly and kindly alongside people as they explore important questions of work and life.

Examples of issues people bring to coaching are: work-life balance; next step / career progression; relationship issues and purpose / vision.

I bring insight and experience from working directly with clients and my rigorous training, as well as from being interested in life-long questions such as ‘what needs to develop for me to flourish, at work and at home?’ and ‘how can I bring more of myself to the world?’  In sessions I use open questioning, physical tools, reflective practices and body awareness, all of which help to open up different views of and approaches to an issue.

Integral Development Coaching provides the opportunity for lasting individual development, increasing self-awareness and an ability to self-correct and self-generate now and in the future.  Generative Coaching, which incorporates key NLP concepts and techniques, works particularly well with setting objectives and achieving goals in business and in personal life.    I use these two rich approaches individually as well as blending them to meet and support clients wherever they are and whatever their need.

I offer a warm, firm and spacious welcome to clients and the issues they bring.  In turn I bring to my coaching work plenty of experience of working in the not-for-profit and education sectors, a deep love of nature and a sense of humour along with significant experience of mindfulness, insight and movement meditations, yoga and active listening.

Coaching training and volunteering:

2018 – 19   volunteering as a small-group guide for the 18/19 training cohort with thirdspace coaching in conjunction with New Ventures West.

2016 – 17   training in Integral Development Coaching with thirdspace coaching in conjunction with New Ventures West.

2015 – 16   training in Generative Coaching with Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts.

(T) 07761 140850

(E) amanda.maffett@gmail.com